Hard to say if its all singing and none discretionary but JS and Citadel trading comp is 650k usd for first years now; I can confirm its very front heavy on the singing bonus if you have multiple offers its pretty easy to stack the comp up.

Their average base salary starts at about 150,000 and increases to about 200,000 in equal increments over the years.

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From my experience, BW tends to pay devs lower than citadel or HRT.

. . Software Engineer compensation at Citadel ranges from 399K per year for L1 to 446K per year for L3.


1. You can make just as much or more as programmers at a top tech company, there's better work. .

. I assume this is how much average quants are making.

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. Jan 6, 2015 Any rough idea of total compensation in a typical year would also be appreciated.

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Around 500k doesnt seem out of the ordinary.
In fact, some banks offer entry-level quants with PhDs from top universities base salaries as high as 125k and hedge funds offer up to 175k base salary.
I have already gathered a lot of information about this industry, but I do not seem to be able to find reliable sources about compensation.

Mondrian Alpha Recruitment Solutions.

Being that Im in comp, I can see that unless.

By adding a bonus, it goes up to 300,000 to 550,000. 5 years in. .

Salary & Compensation. Two Sigma was 250k first year all in (150k base, 50k sign, 50k guaranteed bonus) and Citadel was 400k first year (150k base, 150k sign, 100k guaranteed bonus). . A huge part of the compensation is the initial negotiation. Analyst Compensation at Top Hedge Funds. Normal contribution.

Being that Im in comp, I can see that unless.

London, United Kingdom. Average Quantitative Research 1st year total comp was 185k Average Quantitative Trading 1st year total comp was 217k Please let me know if you have any.



Ive been a compensation analyst for two years now and my boss, head of total rewards, wants me to learn about benefits now.

It is not uncommon to find positions with posted salaries of 250,000.

Average Quantitative Research 1st year total comp was 185k.