Great bike a couple of minor problems, but overall best bike I have used all round.

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For 2021, the whole bike has been changed since it has r. .

Yamaha is much more reliable than Kawasaki or Honda big bores.

These are the desert or cross country versions of the popular motocross bikes that are being ridden by.

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1 less pound-feet of maximum torque.

The 450cc powerplant is quiet and deceptively fast, with copious amounts of low-end torque. 2022 Honda CRF450RX First Ride Review. .

. As a reference, the 2017 KTM 450 XC-F weighs 238 pounds with a full tank of gas, too.

For some, this is adequate.


The CRF250X is a high-performance trail bike thats based off of the 250R MX bike. 2019 Honda CRF 450X Side-by-Side Comparison.

We take the 2023 CRF450RX and put it head to head with the CRF450X to see how big of a difference one letter. The EPA has given the bike its official.

The X has the CRF450Rs previous-generation frame and engine, the RX is current .
The CRF230F is a low-performance beginner dirt bike for casual trail riding.

The X has a wide-ratio six-speed transmission, the RX a close-ratio five-speed gearbox.


. The CRF230F is a low-performance beginner dirt bike for casual trail riding. .

. At 276 pounds wet, it weighs 23 pounds more than. . . 1See more. .

Both the racing CRF450R and the CRF450X, even the pavement-oriented CRF450L are popular choices for riders who love to take things off the pavement.

2023 Honda CRF450RX & CRF450X desert trail riding with Jimmy Lewis. Changing the engine oil after a few days riding was very easy, especially compared to a KTM.


The 2019 Honda CRF 450RX.


Just don't add a full quart on the motor side.

The 2019 Honda CRF 450RX.